6 Reasons to Host Your Wedding on Valentine's Day

Why a Valentine’s Wedding is Out of the Heart-Shaped Box

There’s something to be said for planning a wedding on an already-memorable date. You’d probably want to steer clear of, say, Christmas or Hanukkah, but there’s one day that takes care of the romance and celebration for you: the equally loved and loathed Valentine’s Day.

Don’t write us off just yet: you can pull off a Valentine’s wedding without being over-the-top cheesy – or chocolate-y, for that matter. (A wedding comes nowhere near the corn-factor of a Valentine’s Day proposal, after all.) Here are a few reasons it makes sense to say your vows on February 14th.

6 Reasons to Host Your Wedding on Valentine’s Day

  1. You’ll never forget the date. No matter how forgetful you, your beau, and your friends and family might be, Hallmark won’t let you forget any important dates. In fact, you’ll probably be able to start planning for your anniversary when those shiny red hearts start hitting stores in early January.
  2. It’s in the wedding off-season. The dark, cold months of winter mean that you’ll be more likely to get discounted rates on your venue and services. Plus, your guests probably won’t have to play Tetris with their schedules to make it to your event – February is a slow month regarding parties and events, and only your most jet-setting pals will be traveling.
  3.  Both your single and coupled friends will be comfortable. Think of a Valentine’s wedding as an opportunity to throw the best, non-awkward V-Day party in history. Your single friends won’t feel obligated to a. go on a date with someone they loathe or b. feel bad for not celebrating; your coupled-up friends won’t have to worry about planning an extravagant night out. You can be the Valentine’s savior. (Of course, you’ll have to pass the baton in the following years!) If you do decide to make your reception into a Valentine’s extravaganza, be kind: keep the bar open and invite a diverse group of friends.
  4. Decorations are cheap – and everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to not inhale some heart-shaped confetti in the months of January and February. If you want to amp up the kitsch factor, you can decorate with paper hearts and foil-wrapped candy – and you can do it on the cheap.
  5. You’re not stuck with white. Sure, everyone loves a white wedding dress. But a wedding with a built-in theme also gives you permission to change things up as far as colors go. Wear a pink dress – why the heck not? If your decorations are unconventional, you can expect to save a bit of money by eschewing pieces that are specifically marketed at brides- and grooms-to-be.
  6. Easiest. Favors. Ever. The best Valentine’s Days were of the early elementary school variety: everyone gives everyone else candy and cards, and you make little boxes for your gifts. Keep the inclusive and whimsical spirit alive with some cute and budget-friendly favors: homemade cookies, chocolate samplers, message candy hearts, and stickers will make everyone happy. Promise.

Have we convinced you yet? A Valentine’s Day wedding can save you tons of money – and it could even turn you into a holiday savior. Your V-Day-wedding-turned-party will be an occasion that your friends and family will never forget – and not just because of the date!

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